Message from the Managing Director

นายพนม ควรสถาพร ประธานเจ้าหน้าที่บริหาร

In 2017, Asia Green Energy Public Company Limited succeeded in operating as planned, i.e. domestic market expansion, establishment of a company and warehouse in Vietnam to expand into the country’s market, as well as recognition of logistics service income. Consequently, it attained business targets with an increase in total income and a profit of 120 million baht

Subsequent to the launch of new market in Vietnam in 2016, the Company invested in constructing a warehouse and a coal screening plant in Dong Nai province and started importing and distributing coals since the 4th quarter of 2017. The Company is confident that Vietnam is a high-potential market given its continual economic growth and corresponding higher electricity consumption. In the future, Vietnam will become a market with ever-increasing coal consumption volume.

As for the Chinese market, the Company still realizes an opportunity for market expansion there, with power plant industry being the major coal consumer. Therefore, it has executed a joint venture agreement with a business partner highly experienced in coal marketing in China and supplying coals to many coal-fired power plants in the country. This joint investment will open up an opportunity for the Company to gain a foothold in China’s coal market. At present, the joint venture is in the process of registering entity incorporation.

Furthermore, the Company recognizes potentiality and growing trend of logistics services, which include land and marine transportation services, port services and warehouse services. It has thus worked toward comprehensive logistics services, by investing in 8 new barges for marine freight services. The fleet is capable of transporting a variety of products, such as coals, cement, gypsum, agricultural produce and biomass fuel. As a result, the Company’s service income in 2017 amounted to 146.68 million baht or increased by 242.30% from a mere 42.86 million baht last year.

Apart from operating to deliver optimal returns to the shareholders, the Company also endeavors to develop into a green organization with responsibility to stakeholders alongside business sustainability. It has inculcated into all personnel a sense of responsibility to society, the environment and communities, through activities promoting employee engagement in communities. In this regard, the Company’s community relations team has collaborated with the community conserving group of industrial operators in Amphoe Nakhonluang, Ayutthaya, to enhance quality of life across surrounding communities and society.

As the Managing Director, I would like to thank all executives and employees for their efforts, devotion, persistence and integrity that have brought success to the Company in 2017. Appreciation also goes to the shareholders, customers, public and private agencies, and all stakeholders for their support to and trust in the Company at all times. Please be assured that the Company will operate businesses in adherence to good corporate governance principles along with responsibility to society and the environment in order to achieve sustainable growth.