Message from the Managing Director

Mr.Panom Kuansataporn The Chairman of Executive Committee
/Managing Director

In 2019, Asia Green Energy PLC implemented its business plan of expanding its fleet of lighters in order to accommodate the growth of the river transport industry. At the end of 2019, the Company had a total of22 lighters, with a tonnage of 57,200 tons. There was an expansion in port areas to accommodate goods transfers from previously only 2 ports to 3 ports, which will go into service in quarter 1/2020. The year’s total revenue was affected by the drop in the global coal price, making the revenue fall short of our target. The total revenue was 6,196 million baht. However, the Company’s net profits increased from the previous year by 114% with a value of 273 million baht, thanks to our cost-cutting and efficiency-boosting measures.

As for our overseas marketing, the Company plans to expand our warehouses in Vietnam and make an entry into the markets in Cambodia and the Philippines, where our prospective clients are in the cement and power plant industries. In 2020, their demand for energy for their development indicates a strong potential pool of new clients for us.

The Company not only focuses on maximizing the returns for shareholders, but also recognizes its responsibility for stakeholders in order to ensure sustainability in the business. The Company has raised awareness regarding social, environmental, and community responsibility among all members of our organization. As a result, in 2019, the Company was inducted into the Thailand Sustainability Investment list for the second consecutive year by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. This privilege is granted to listed companies that operate their businesses based on a sense of responsibility towards the environment, society, and management under good corporate governance principles, once again demonstrating our commitment to operating our business under a sustainable development framework.

As Managing Director, I would like to express my gratitude for all executives and employees for their collective efforts, dedication, patience, and honesty in their jobs, helping the Company to have a successful 2019. My thanks also go to shareholders, public sector clients, private sector clients, and all stakeholders for their continued support and trust in the Company. I would like to affirm that the Company will continue to operate our business under the good corporate governance principles as well as social and environmental responsibilities so that the Company is well-placed for a sustainable path towards growth.