Nature of Business

Asia Green Energy Public Company Limited is engaged in a business of selling quality bituminous coal from Indonesia that gives high thermal energy and low impact to the environment. Most of the company's customers are industrial factories relating to textile, food, rubber product and alternative energy industries. In addition, the company places importance on logistic systems that respond to customers' needs with respect to the accurate volume of goods and on-time delivery schedules, and that a team of experts fully equipped with skills and experienced who can provide advices on boilers regarding the change or adaptation to enable the use of other types of fuel in place of gasoline for efficiency and maximum energy saving purposes. These factors significantly take into consideration customers' demand and highest satisfaction.

Moreover, the Company runs a business of selling the coal directly from Indonesia to other countries such as China, India, etc.

The Company's Group Structure

AGE Terminal Co., Ltd. (“AGEM”)
Operates a port and warehouse business, and provides coal screening services in Nakhon Luang, Ayutthaya, with a warehouse capable of storing 700,000 tons of coal, three coal screening plants, and 2 ports.

A.G.E. Transport Co., Ltd. (“AGET”)
Operates as a provider of coal transportation and land logistics services.

AGE Global Trade Co., Ltd. (“AGEG”)
Operates an investment business in other businesses overseas.

Multi Energy Trading (2020) Co., Ltd. ("MET")
Operates as selling fuel, steam, gas, oil and all types of energy used in the industry.

At Energy Solution Co., Ltd. (Joint Venture Company)
Operates mainly in energy business, procurement and utilities services especially energy for general industry such as the production and distribution of steam, electricity and water for industrial plants etc.