Committee and working team of social responsibility

Since 2004, it has been more than ten years that the company has been found and operated the business by considering economics, society, and environment. We believe that “business will be sustainable in sustainable society and environment that are developed.” With this principle, we aim to operate the business by caring stakeholders, economics, society, and environment with fairness, ethics, and morality.

Good Corporate Governance is a tool to direct the business with transparency, honesty, and directness by considering negative effects to stakeholders, economics, society, and environment. We are willing to change and fix such issues to reduce the effect. Moreover, the company operates and has CSR in process and CSR after process activity in which the goal is that all the activities will be campaign toward the responsibility for society and environment. The ultimate goal is for steady development and for gaining trust and respect from stakeholders. All of these contribute to the success of the company.

The company also builds a good conscious mind for responsibility policy to society and environment as the main policy to operate business for all employees that will follow.

Overall Policy

The company adheres to the business operation under the principles of Good Corporate Governance and good ethics along with true responsibility for environment and society. The company has determined the protocols of good performance according to the principles of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The company operates the business by considering the effect to the stakeholders from within and outside the organization ranging from shareholders, employees, customers, community, and overall society. This is to reach the expectation from the stakeholders, leading to the sustainable business growth.

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

The company realizes the importance of sustainable development in every sector of the society including conservation of natural resources and the environment, and the creation of public benefits as a whole. The company’s corporate social responsibility activities include:
  1. Practice the principle of social responsibility as a part of the functions by formulating the corporate social responsibility policy that focuses on development and promotes 4 main aspects, namely education, traditions, good occupations, and public benefits.
  2. Implement in a participatory manner in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects that are jointly carried out with institutions or agencies that are the center of the community and society such as government agencies and the private sector, schools, temples, hospitals, community clubs, etc.
  3. Implement the activities and give importance to the aspects regarding work safety and the management of the environment that does not affect the community, society and environment.
  4. Create consciousness in the corporate social responsibility to employees by letting them participate in projects or activities.

Committee and working team of Corporate Social Responsibility

The company realizes the importance of responsibility to society, community, and environment. The company thus set up a committee and a working team of corporate social responsibility to operate the work of corporate social responsibility (CSR) with efficiency and steady development.

The committee and the working team of corporate social responsibility (CSR) have the following duties.
  1. Announce the policy of corporate social responsibility that agrees with the company policy.
  2. Communicate with all employees in all levels, business partners, investors, and related persons to acknowledge and understand the social responsibility.
  3. Determine proper planning that agrees with the business strategies. It should reach the key performance index of corporate social responsibility and support the key performance index of the work.
  4. Propose the budget, follow up on the outcome, and all report of the operation with social responsibility from various sectors and departments. It also requires the evaluation of budget and plan for maximum efficiency.
  5. Issue regulation, order, or announcement about social responsibility of the company.
  6. Investigate to understand the problems, advise, and solve the problems according the standard of corporate social responsibility.
  7. Support for exchanging of ideas, knowledge, success, and experiences of corporate social responsibility (CSR) among inside and outside units.
  8. Consider in changing or appointing staffs and committee of corporate social responsibility in department level.
  9. Have a meeting of the committee and the outcome of corporate social responsibility for at least once a month.